Make Money Online with these 10 Proven Ways

make-money-onlineAre you curious about how to make money online for beginners? Let me help you with some realistic ways to go about it. In this post, I have shared ten legitimate ways to make money online, and most of them are free ways to make money. You can choose any of these ways for yourself, depending on your skills and work from home online.

However, before we get to the ways, I want you to start with the right frame of mind. None of these ways will work unless you put in the right effort. Further, before going ahead with any of these ways, you must first learn the basics well.

Start Data Entry Work from Home

Data entry should not be a new word for you and is an excellent way to make money online from home. Online data entry doesn’t require many skills and revolves around filling in the data to a form or editing given data.

For that, you need to have a PC with an internet connection, and you must know how to type. There are many freelancing websites wherein one can find many data entry jobs.

Play Money Earning Games to Make Money Online

Most people believe that one can’t have fun and earn at the same time. However, here’s an exception. Online games are popular among all ages these days, but how about even making money from games alongside playing them?

Even if you aren’t familiar with a specific game, it should not take you long to get the hang of it. Learning to play games is always enjoyable. The fact is, anyone can make money online now, even out of playing online games. There are various real money earning games around these days.

Make Money Online with Google AdSense

You must have heard others talking about Google AdSense and wondered, what is it? Google Adsense is the Google advertisement network through which the website publishers in Google network display their ads to their targeted audience.

Google displays these ads on the other publishers’ sites that have relevant content for the search intent. These websites are generally blogs that earn commission out of displaying Google Ads on them. You can start such a blog either and make money online with Google AdSense.

However, to apply for Google Adsense and have your application approved, you must fulfill some criteria in order to be eligible for Google Adsense.


Publish an eBook to Make Money Online

Another great way to make money online is by publishing a Kindle ebook. For that, you must know how to write engaging content and, of course, you may need to know a bit of graphic designing for designing the book cover. You may first start by finding out what some of the best selling niches and topics are. Once you decide on the niche and topic, you are good to go with writing your content.

After the content is ready, you could publish it on Amazon’s self-publishing platform. The best part is that once you publish an ebook, you don’t have to work more on it and have a passive income from it provided that it sells well. To sell more copies of your book, you would need some serious digital marketing.

Start an Online Store

You could start an online store to sell products and make money online. However, to build an online store and host it, you would need a webspace for which you need to buy a hosting plan. For hosting an online store, you must always choose a hosting plan with more webspace and high processing speed.

You would also need a domain to set a unique web address for your store. The income entirely depends on how much emphasis you are putting on promoting your business.

Make Money Online with Dropshipping

Dropshipping has proved to be a profitable business for many people over the years. In dropshipping, you list the products of a supplier on your online store. When your website receives an order, your site automatically forwards it to your supplier. The supplier would then deliver the product to the customer’s doorsteps on your behalf.

You make money online from dropshipping by selling your product higher than your cost price, just as in any retail business. For example, if your supplier charges you $100 for a specific product, you sell the same product to your customer for $150. That way, you make $50. Most importantly, you don’t need a place to store the products, and you don’t even have to deliver the products on your own.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing deals with making sales for a commission and is one of the best-proven ways to make money online. In Affiliate Marketing, you develop content keeping the product, and then, you try to reach out to the target audience with your content. If the target audience finds your content reliable enough, they would not mind clicking on the product links to visit your affiliate’s website and buy a product.

However, for successful affiliate marketing, one must strive to help one’s audience find the best products besides helping one’s affiliate companies generate more sales. One can achieve it through honest and unbiased product reviews.

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Start a YouTube Channel

Learning things is ridiculously simple these days with such a vast number of YouTube how-to videos around. One can learn anything in minutes by watching a couple of YouTube videos, making the platform extremely powerful.

If you have something useful to share with others, why not create a YouTube video about it since you can actually monetize your channel and make money online with Google Adsense as your channel grows.

Make Money Online from Investing & Trading

Investing and trading are brilliant ways to make money online, provided that you know how they work, and you have the right strategy. You could invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum at a certain price level, and once the level goes up high, you could sell them off to book your profits. Once bought, you could hold them for as many days as you want before you plan to sell them.

Apart from investing, Day trading or Intraday trading is also pretty popular. In Intraday trading, you buy a stock or cryptocurrency and sell it on the same day. No wonder many traders make $100 a day or even more from Intraday trading with the right strategy.

Intraday trading is the right answer to the question, how to make quick money in one day. However, for that, you have to be well versed with every single basic of trading, from price-action to using the indicators.

Start Content Writing

You may also try content writing. One can write content for others to make money online. However, contents are of different types, from blog posts, copywriting, press releases to white papers, academic writing, etc.

However, you have to know the type of content that you are not comfortable with to save your time from being wasted. Of course, one can always try to upgrade one’s skills. As far as finding content writing works goes, you can find them on various freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Here are the skills that you would need for sure if you want to get started with content writing:

  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Zero Plagiarism
  • Good Readability
  • Good online research
  • Simple, precise, and engaging way of putting things
  • Good formatting
  • On-page SEO

Besides, working as a content writer, you could also try building a team of writers to accomplish more work. However, I won’t recommend building a content writing team if you are just a beginner as it will take excellent proofreading skills to check their contents before sending them to your client.

In case a writer sends you content with flaws and your proofreading isn’t good enough to detect those flaws in time and edit, this could put your job at stake.

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Start Online Tutoring and Make Money Online

If you have a deep interest in a particular subject and also have ample knowledge in it, you may consider sharing it with others to help them and make money online. Many students may badly need someone like you to help them.

If you can guide them well, they would not mind paying you a handsome tuition fee. To start online tutoring, one can either sign up with online tutoring sites or create one’s online tutoring website. Here are some good tools you can use for online tutoring:

  • Video conference apps such as Skype, Hangouts, or Zoom
  • Google Docs & LiveBoard for collaboration
  • Google Calendar for setting events
  • Google forms for conducting a test
  • GooglePay & PayPal for collecting tuition fees

However, you will not get students unless you take your step to introduce yourself on the various social media platforms. The best way is to have a personal website and promote it across all the available social media platforms.

Besides, you can also consider ranking your website on Google with good SEO. Further, you can also signup with various online tutoring websites for more exposure and more students. Here is an excellent guide to online tutoring.

Wrapping Up

You can certainly make money online, and there are many ways to do it, as you have already seen in this post. Besides sharing real ways to make money from home, the post also explains on how to make money online for free. However, what matters the most is your dedication and hard work, just as in any job.

If you pick the right online work and do it with the right focus, nothing can stop you from making money. Further, you must introspect and understand your skills and weaknesses well before picking any of these ways to make money online.


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